A dedicated gluten-free commercial bakery

Bavaria Mills Specialty Bakery is a premier wholesale bakery in Vancouver, Washington. We provide retailers and restaurants in Portland and throughout the West Coast with high-volume production of “CLEAN LABEL” Gluten Free (GF) specialty food products. Click here to view all of our great gluten-free products.

In today’s marketplace, grains such as Wheat, Rye, and Barley contain the protein Gluten.  This hard-to-digest protein is dispersed everywhere in the American diet.  In addition, refined gluten is used at increasing rates to give food an unnatural light airy texture. This high concentration (along with other food additives) is triggering a new wave of food sensitivities and allergies all over the United States.

Bavaria Mills prides itself on creating dietary solutions for many of its loyal customers. Our dedicated GF bakery crafts a variety of items eliminating the most common allergens experienced by people who suffer from food intolerance.  All items produced are also soy, dairy, and corn free.  We produce clean label products with reduced GMO’s, no preservatives or artificial additives.  All products made are certified Oregon, Kosher (parv).

The mission is simple:  Produce the best Gluten free products available.  Balance flavor, nutrition, and texture.  Provide family resources and dietary solutions to our customers.

Bavaria Mills – Simply the BEST in Gluten Free!

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